Data Analysis


BioEasy offers high-value bioinformatics services in the field of next-generation sequencing (NGS). Understanding the need of bringing together millions of data pieces generated from the large cache of information of NGS, we at BioEasy specifically designed our service menu to ensure hassle-free translation of meaningful data gleaned from discoveries made by scientists and researchers alike through NGS. We hope to close the gap between knowledge and data to allow scientists to focus on scientific discovery and less on the legwork. We believe in flexibility and our service packages are customizable to better suit your needs.

With BioEasy, rest assured in professional and experienced data handling with the support of our consultation expertise to guide you toward publication-ready results.  You and your research will no longer be impeded by previous boundaries and bottleneck challenges faced in handling NGS data. Customized data analysis is provided upon request and discussion. We also provide affordable subscription packages for data analysis. Contact us for more information! 


Therefore, we provide extensive and comprehensive data analysis in the area of:

1. Genomics

  • De novo assembly
  • Reference assembly
  • Comparative genomics

2. Transcriptomics

  • De novo assembly
  • Reference mapping
  • Differential gene expression, alternative splicing, gene fusion
  • Small RNA

3. Metagenomics

  • Metatranscriptomics
  • Targeted metagenomics (eg: 16S rRNA or ITS region)
  • Shotgun metagenomics




BioEasy offers specially designed training programs to cater to researchers of varying levels of background in bioinformatics. From researchers with minimal or no background in bioinformatics data analysis to researchers with significant knowledge who seek to advance onto the next level of bioinformatics proficiency, we have the dedicated training program tailored for you.

The Introductory Bioinformatics training aims to equip researchers with the basic knowledge in bioinformatics. This training is specially designed for participants who have minimal or no background in bioinformatics.


We offer:

  1. The LINUX Operating System for Bioinformatics
  2. Next-Generation Sequence Assembly
  3. Genome Annotation
  4. Evolutionary Analysis
  5. General Metagenomics Analysis


Application-based Bioinformatics training is suitable for participants who already have the basic knowledge in bioinformatics and currently working with NGS data. You will be guided to understand and analyze NGS data.


We offer:

  1. Bioinformatics for RNA-seq 
  2. Bioinformatics for Metagenomics
  3. Bioinformatics for Exome sequencing


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